Lead engineer responsible for architecture and implementation of Apple’s proprietary EFI graphics extensions across Nvidia, ATI and Intel based platforms. Responsibilities included system architecture and driver design. Implemented Intel drivers for two generations of Intel graphics architectures. 

Implemented 2D drivers for Peritek hardware for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Testing and analysis of extensions to current graphics architecture to meet Xbox graphics requirements.

Architected OpenGL and DirectX firmware for massively parallel MIMD implementation. Responsibilities include development of software architecture, software functional simulator and development of interface software for Verilog simulation.

Implemented an OpenGL port for Voodoo graphics hardware optimized for game requirements.

Participated in the architecture and development of Data General’s Aview graphics library.

Developed high speed anti-aliasing algorithms targeted at an Intel i860 based multiprocessor graphics accelerator.

Lead  software architect for advanced scalable PC graphics accelerator. Responsibilities included research and development of hardware acceleration of advanced graphics features.

Co-architected and implemented the Renderman compliant, high-quality rendering component of Sun’s SunVision visualization product.

Co-architected Sun's XGL proprietary graphics library.


C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Perl, 8086 Assembly, dsPIC Assembly


Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android